Curation & Organization


since 2015
atelier:performance - international series for performance art and performative strategies Studio: Ilka Theurich - project space, Hannover GERMANY

20th OPEN International Performance Festival (anniversary edition in Germany & Switzerland) After 19 years the OPEN Festival will be held for the first time outside of China. In cooperation with the founder Chen Jin (China), PAErsche (Cologne), Orbit 24 (Frankfurt am Main), kaskadenkondensator (Basel), Kunstpavillon (Burgbrohl), interval Performance Art Festival (Essen), Cultural Center Pavillon (Hannover), Turba Gallery (Hannover), City Gallery KUBUS (Hannover) and Studio: Ilka Theurich (Hannover) GERMANY

equinox to equinox - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PUBLIC ACTION FOR FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY facilitated by Bbeyond - Belfast in conjunction with performance artists worldwide, in Hannover PAN Hildesheim & guests performed at Küchengarten, curated and organized by Studio: Ilka Theurich, Hannover GERMANY

Art of Encountering °7 - Hannover artists from Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Switzerland & Germany encounter each other with the aim to exchange their methods, models and artistic strategies in the field of performance art; a cooperation between PAErsche (Cologne) kaskadenkondensator (Basel), Performance Art Research - Helge Meyer (Hildesheim), Kunstpavillon (Burgbrohl), interval (Essen), ART IG (Hannover), GeotheExil (Hannover)  and Studio: Ilka Theurich (Hannover) GERMANY

Publication: Ed. PAErsche Aktionslabor: Kunst der Begegnung VII - Die anagrammatische Begegnung 2018 © copyright by the authors & PAErsche Aktionslabor, Cologne 2019

DIE FAUST PERFORMT a once-in-a-lifetime International Performance Art Festival with Jacqueline van de Geer (CAN), Michael Barrett (USA), Alperoa Alvaro Pereda Roa (CHL), Sebastián Burgos (CHL), Anette Friedrich Johannessen (NOR), Jan-Egil Finne (NOR), Boris Nieslony (DEU), Irmgard Himstedt (DEU), Thomas Reul (DEU), Evamaria Schaller (DEU), Johanna Johnen (DEU), Christiane Oppermann (DEU) and Carlotta Oppermann (DEU) Kulturzentrum Faust, Hannover GERMANY

Eile, eile und doch verweile
artists from PAERsche visiting City Gallery KUBUS Hannover GERMANY

Zwischen Himmel und Körper - weibliche Positionen in der Performancekunst
City Gallery KUBUS Hannover GERMANY

LAPSody - 3rd Intern. Conference & Festival for Live Art & Performance Studies

LaubenParcours project / group exhibition for the garden region Hannover 
at allotments of Lindener Berg, Hannover GERMANY

Last Minute
Kunsthalle Faust, Hannover GERMANY

Art of Encountering °2 - Hannover with Kaori HABA , Sakiko YAMAOKA, Yoshinori NIWA, Tomomi ADACHI, Shin-ichi ARAI, Hiromi SHIRAI, Machiko TAGAMI. Seven artists from JAPAN encounter seven artists from GERMANY in every participating city, with the aim to explore the public space. A cooperation between E.P.I. Zentrum (Cologne), Studio Art Hechima So On (Tokyo), Kunstamt & Kunstraum (Düsseldorf), Maschinenhaus (Essen),  IPAH (Hildesheim) & ART IG (Hannover) GERMANY