Transnational Coalition for the Arts

[Transnational Coalition for the Arts]

4 March 2021
TRANSNATION is a necessary and immediate response to the threats made against the lives and democratic freedoms of our fellow artists, cultural workers, and people around the world. We stand in solidarity with all those oppressed by authoritarian regimes in their struggle for democracy and social justice. We are devoted to protecting all artists, cultural workers, and people against any form of state harassment and repression. We will defend civil liberties and uphold the people's democracy.

Upon this occasion, TRANSNATION demands the Myanmar military – whose violent coup intends to reinstate a military dictatorship – end their brutality and martial law. We implore the United Nations and international community to

1) Denounce the illegitimate government of the Myanmar military junta
2) Honor Myanmar’s 8 November 2020 election results and reinstate the National League for Democracy
3) Exact accountability and justice for the victims of Myanmar military violence
4) Facilitate and support the documentation of all human rights violations
5) Raise awareness and increase international pressure to immediately resolve the crisis in Myanmar
We uphold these demands in solidarity with the people of Myanmar.




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