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Blow the dust off your soul!

19th of September 2019 - 7 pm within the exhibition Urban Spheres Kunsthalle Faust in Hannover

Photos by Adriana Disman

Yes, life hurts. And living together in civil society just hurts even more. But giving up is not an option for Ilka Theurich. After a one-year energy-telling journey of actions on narcissism in politics and the start of a large-scale cooperation project within the application of Hannover for the European Capital of Culture 2025 titled "The Beauty of Failure", the artist returns, with this small performative action, back to her artistic roots and artistic motivation. Even if life is deadly and hurts on the way there, we can only make a difference through our constantly renewed actions and in the community. According to the motto, 'put away your phone and connect with the world', the artist wants to blow the dust of her and maybe even of our soul in a poetic short action.

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