I can only shape silence if I put my care and concentration into every detail

Photo: Christina Georgiou

I can only shape silence if I put my care and concentration into every detail

beginning – middle – end

slow – medium – fast
killing one's own rhythm
give up the automatisms

Wach auf so lange ich noch bei dir bin.

the creation of tension
in order to prevent the action
an expression of space
the attraction of the performer's flow
the beautyness of a non-form
as a formgiving moment
the beauty found in the lonely sadness of the old
the impermanence of all things
which regards the blossom as beautyful
because it dies

glistening blue eyes
of glass
are lying on a stone kitchen floor

absence of the idea
absence of a fixed note
absence of harmony
absence of measured actions
a system of composition by cells

Woher weißt du, was Tee ist?


Die Macht der Bilder
(täuschend und offenlegend)

controling the rhythms

the door of the white wardrobe
hides the entrance
to the slaughterhouse

the power of sences
opens space
independency of the poetic text
independency of the poetic image
they do not coincide
the longing
the principle of hope

Die Kraft der Worte
(zerstörend und tröstend)

departure- passage – arrival
aesthetic democracy
through one's own body
the naive cultural experience

muffled, one hears
the shot of the pistol
through the pillow

a rather flexible quality
the tempo corresponding
to the fluidity of the psychological duration
a perfect action in time and space
without touch
at the same time

Das Nervenland der Phantasie liegt frei
(eine Operation am offenen Herzen)

to recognize one's instincts
and try to exclude them
of the strangeness
of thoughts
forms of motion
the body in space
nothing permanent could be found
a permanent process
a becoming and passing away
in all its functions

burning goose quills
fall like shooting stars
from the sky

the mind is explained as an activity of the think -organ
namely as a conciousness
or moment of conciousness

to sum it up
from my work
I would like to
I can not
I whish
this is what I did