Your body cannot gladden me

This Performance was based on the poem
"You shall not despair" by Dylan Thomas
and divided into 3 different parts.

- - - -

"You shall not despair
Because I have forsaken you
Or cast your love aside;
There is a greater love than mine
Which can comfort you
And touch you with softer hands.
I am no longer
Friendly and beautiful to you;
Your body cannot gladden me,
Nor the splendor of your dark hair,
But I do not humiliate you;
You shall be taken sweetly again
And soothed with slow tears;
You shall be loved enough."

Dylan Thomas

welcome in the auditorium,
opening the connecting door to the courtyard
the audience is playing golf
Stuffing clothes with apples.
With a peeled apple in the mouth,
parts of the poem by Thomas Dyllan were sung.

The connecting door to the auditorium was closed, and the body of the performance artist thrown against the closed door, while she is still singing parts of the poem.

Photos: Andreas Pashias