PUPPA EXTENDED - aftermath

The aftermath inside an old prison cell
of the former prison estate of Miguelete (1889-1986)

This performance was part of the exhibition Juego de Muñecas (Dolls Game)
at Espacio de Arte Contmporáneo
in Montevideo URUGUAY


These drawings and objects were installed,
during the 6 days performance.

While being in the cell,
moving, drawing, writing and reading
"Undoing Gender" from Judith Butler (2004).

"If I am someone who cannot be without doing, then the conditions of my doing are, in part, the conditions of my existence. If my doing is dependent on what is done to me or, rather, the ways in which I am done by norms, then the possibility of my persistence as an “I” depends upon my being able to do something with what is done with me." 

Judith Butler, Undoing Gender, 2004.

during the evening time
the installation looks a little bit different